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Bad SEO Practices & Techniques

SEO GazelleOur ThoughtsBad SEO Practices & Techniques
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In the early stages of search engines (Google, Ask, AOL, Yahoo), building a website was a very organic and tasked process. You listed keywords via “Meta data links” that matched your site’s purpose, you made sure the different search crawlers/bots had access to all of your pages, and kept the information clean and simple.

Today, everyone searches to find what they are looking for through a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Aol). This means that you should to be spending time thinking specifically about how to be placed highly and promonatly on Google. This means you need to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to your website in order to be seen. But many companies try to skip the rule and use Bad SEO Practices to get ahead quick, however few ever stay.

When your starting to learn about SEO Techniques read as much as you can and never take one person’s view as solid gold. You are only as knowledgeable as the people you have learned from, until you learn to look at the rhythms and rhymes for why the changes are made. It takes time, SEO is an investment in your website, the content, associations aka neighbors, and understanding the languages used by the leading search engines.

bad seo practices cause your rankings to fallPlease read below some of the more common, reasons websites get banned from the major search engines ie: Bad SEO Practices.

Duplicated content

Duplicated content is becoming easier and easier to find by search engines since the advancement of hard drive technology for storage and the advancement of search engine algorithms. When your website has the same spun or duplacate content on several pages, this is a technique used to save time but will not make your site look larger to a search engine because the duplicate content penalty (reference “Google penalties”) will kick in. The webmaster should know what information wether images, text, links, or scripts represents and the reason its on the website. Content is king, as long as its original, relative, and educational. Keeping these factors in mind will save you the headache of getting de-indexed from a search engine in the future.

Repetition of keywords

Repetition of specific keywords in internal anchor text (particularly in the footer section of your website) is a Blackhat seo technique and goes against the guidelines set by google. Matt Cutts, googles goto for everything about how websites are ranked within their search engine, “noted that keyword usage in the anchor text of many internal links is seen as potentially manipulative (particularly in the footer of a website). So only use the anchor text as ‘guidance’ for your users and not for SE (Search Engine) Robots and don’t show a bunch of keyword links to other pages in your footer.” This was vastly used in the 90’s and early 2000’s but has recently been flagged by the hummingbird, panda, and penguin updates. Stick to the least amount of information needed to get your point across.

Link Building TechniquesCloaking a Domain

Cloaking is an illegal technique (Bad SEO Practices) used by Blackhat seo companies to fake the true value of a website. Crawlers see one page (of course highly optimized for a certain keyword) and the visitor sees another version of the same page. They know whether it’s a crawler or a visitor based on their IP address and/or user-agent. When you are working to create a UE (User Experience) think about how your target demographic would read, understand, and use the information and less about how google views it.

Bad Linking

Google does not like pages that contain hundreds of backlinks or sites that look like a single “link-list”. Many older websites would have a resources page, and list all of the informational websites associated with the information they used. This has continued to become a red flag in the new algorithms. Keeping in mind having too many outgoing links does not get you any benefits in terms of ranking and could even make your situation worse. Select carefully the site(s) you choose to link too. Make this link part of your main content of the page and make sure its relievent. Using this process the external link looks natural for the search engines and to the user viewing the page. Invisible text is also a red flag for google crawlers. Do not use same font color on the same background color to use for stuffing keywords or hiding the extra links or words. Including so called “smart” solutions in CSS, if you choose to participate in these practices your website is very likely to be banned from the search engine.

Bad neighbors

SEO Gazelle Neighborhood Watch

Any website that is utilizing unethical (blackhat) SEO techniques can be considered in a bad neighborhood. This primarily means that if you link to one of these sites, you will be associated with them. Similar to real life if you choose friends who break the law, you are considered to be one of them.
Outbound links or External Linking to link farms and other suspicious sites will increase your risk of being de-indexed.

However a common misconception is that, if a so called bad neighborhood is linking to you, then it will do no harm for your site. If it was, it would be an easy way to get rid of your competition. Anytime you have a bad neighborhood near your website, or associated with your website you should request google to disavow the link, and create a trail of trying to have that removed.

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