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How to Create an Effective Meta Description

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If you’ve looked around the Internet, you may have found some reference to meta descriptions no longer being necessary in the world of SEO and search engine placement. That, however, is not accurate. Meta tags are not required as Google and other search engines are able to identify tags and necessary information without the assist

Recent Changes To The Google Results Page

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The Google results page has been changing for years as the company tries to give everyone to best results they can get. Google is trying to spread information as much as possible, and their search results pages are changing to make sure that consumers get all the information they need without scrolling too much. The

The Benefits Of Search Engine Optimization in 2016

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The digital world is always changing and has changed dramatically over the last few years. SEO, however, still remains a very effective way to market your website online. While there are countless ways to benefit from search engine optimization in 2016, below are some of the top benefits you can hope to achieve from a

SEO for your Business

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Do you know enough about SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is basically a way of getting website traffic from search engines like Google and Bing.  There are two-forms of traffic: paid and organic, with organic being preferable for most small businesses especially since getting traffic from the organic listings can be much

Using Pinterest to help your Marketing Strategy

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Pinterest has helped people drive large amounts of traffic to their sites, improve social SEO, but also can have huge revenue driving and commerce advantages for businesses. Pinterest users purchase items more often and in greater quantities, spend more money, and shop more frequently than any other social network. One benefit when setting up and

Linking AdWords to Google Analytics

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Both Google AdWords and Google Analytics gather a lot of data on the performance of your AdWords campaigns. By combining these tools you get deeper understanding of your ads. With Google Analytics, you are able to see what visitors do after the clicked on your AdWords ad. Google has published new best practices on this

Multiple location Businesses and SEO

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Some local businesses operate as part of a franchise system, as a brand licensee, or underneath a corporate structure with many locations across a country or region. As with all other businesses, high organic search engine rankings resulting from search engine optimization (SEO) can be a profitable driver of traffic to your website or blog.

Improving your Bounce Rate

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If you take the time to build a web site, you’d like your visitors to stay on it for a while. Visitors who show up and leave 3 seconds later aren’t generally helpful. You want to lower your bounce rate. Here are a few tips for doing just that. What’s Bounce Rate? Bounce rate measures

Semantic Web and SEO

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The way we search has changed; it’s only natural that search engines themselves have evolved to keep up. In the process, they’ve caused a fundamental shift in SEO. The Internet – or at least, the way we use it — has changed. Thanks to social media, the way we communicate and engage with content has

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How to Create an Effective Meta Description

If you've looked around the Internet, you may have found some reference to meta descriptions no longer being necessary in the world of SEO and search engine placement. That, however,…

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