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SEO for the Beauty Industry

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Although word of mouth was how those in the beauty industry typically gained clients, they are now benefiting from SEO. Most people research a company online before going into the actual store. This is exactly why it is crucial to create a website for you business. With a website, your business can attract visitors and

Paid Advertising on Social Media

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Paid advertisements on social media Because social media has expanded and increase in popularity so quickly, it has become a popular method of advertisement. Social media has become a method of advertisement. Social media has developed into a place where a company can gain leads, increase brand awareness and credibility. Social media has transformed from

South Florida Clothiers – Development Case Study

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Client: South Florida Clothiers About South Florida Clothiers: South Florida Clothier’s polo shirts are made with TropicFiber, a proprietary blend material of 98% Peruvian Pima Cotton and 2% Lycra, specifically engineered for a warm, tropical climate and an active lifestyle. They have engineered the perfect polo shirt for those who appreciate our year-round sun-drenched days and stylish nights.

SEO for Accountants

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Digital marketing for an accounting firm is about establishing a presence, creating an image and attracting clients. It is imperative to create a website and maintain it daily for your firm to succeed. When searching for a firm, clients are most likely going to search on the internet. Not many individuals use the phone book

Is SEO Right for Your business?

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Of course SEO is right for your business! Utilizing SEO, search engine optimization, services can impact your organization and lead to an increase in customers. The aim of SEO is to promote your business online and lead it to the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Ultimately, you want to make

Edit the WooCommerce Return to Shop Button?

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How to Change the WooCommerce Return to Shop Button?Here’s an extremely quick one step guide on resolving those “return to shop” broken links in your WooCommerce shop even through updates of the plugin. Some of our readers aren’t using the typical shop catalog page to sell their product – you may be doing some cool things like

Coloured Raine – SEO Case Study

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Client: Coloured Raine About Coloured Raine: Coloured Raine is a cruelty free cosmetics brand that has decided to create an edgy cosmetic line that breaks all barriers within the cosmetic world. URL: https://www.colouredraine.comOur Goal: They wanted to enhance their website presence in the major search engines with the latest seo technology and coding standards. The following objectives were established:

SEO for Online Retailers

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Each year at least 100 million Americans purchase goods from an online retailers. The online retail market is one of the fastest growing online industries and also one of the most competitive. Getting your website noticed among the multiple various online market websites is optimal for you company’s success. One of the key methods in marketing

SEO Onsite/Offsite Basics

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With a good company, SEO is a long term investment and typically cost a great deal of money. Before you pour your money into a SEO campaign, be sure to do your research on different companies. Companies should tell you the different techniques they use, they should provide you with a realistic timeframe, and they

Setting up Google My Business Page

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Google Places was created to define company information which Google used when calculating how to display various local business listings in Google Search & Google Maps. Google Place listings have been updated to Google “My Business” listings. Keep in mind, There is more to this change than merely rebranding the name of the function. Google has combined “Places” with Google+ Local, This should

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