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Title Partners of South Florida – Case Study

Client: Title Partners of South Florida AboutTitle Partners of South Florida: Title Partners of South Florida is committed to communication, security and excellence throughout the entire closing process. We guarantee your NPI (non public information) is secure, we implement all of the Best Practices set forth by ALTA (American Land Title Association) and we adhere to all

Testing Blue Links in Search Menu?

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Google Testing Blue Links For Top Search Menu This is another experiment by google to find out the effectiveness of the color blue vs its previous red. “Enough with the red, Google tests blue fonts and underline color in their main search menu.” – Search Engine Land. Our favorite search engine “Google” is at it

Aquis – SEO Case Study

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Client: Aquis About Aquis: Aquis Microfiber Hair Towels are the secret to beautiful, healthy hair. Aquis features patented Aquitex microfibers that aide in healthy hair drying. URL: Our Goal: They wanted to enhance their website presence in the major search engines with the latest seo technology and coding standards. The following objectives were established:  – Helping the site

What is Google Webmaster Tools?

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Google has many tools that help your website become successful. From Google Analytics, that measures you website traffic to Google Trends, which provides you with up to date on keyword related to your website. Utilizing Google tools can only help your website. One of the must-have tools to utilize is Google Webmaster tools. It allows

SEO for Event Planning

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It is important in the event planning industry to maintain a presence on Google. When planning events, many individuals go on the internet to find a company or individual to help them with their special day or event. You website can make or break your companies success. Having content on an invitation or fliers helps

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