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White Hat SEO Service

Our White Hat SEO Services work hand and hand with the changes in major search algorithms, We spend countless hours fine tuning and molding our practices to ensure we keep our clients out of bad neighborhoods, and consistently on page 1.
  • Hummingbird Safe SEO Services
  • Penguin Safe SEO Services
  • Panda Safe SEO Services
  • We Deliver Results

    SEO Gazelle was built on providing results, and Delivering for our clients! We setup our campaigns with the tools needed to track the progress of your SEO Campaign, and see the increased organic traffic for your competitive keywords.
  • Page 1 rankings for competitive keywords
  • Increased Organic traffic
  • Visual Monthly Reports
  • Service and Support

    We are always here for you to address any question about your campaign or website. Our dedicated SEO Team is well versed in WordPress, Drupal, & Joomla. We are always here to solve the tough problems along the way!
  • 24/7 SEO Reports & Charts
  • Dedicated SEO Campaign Manager
  • Password Secured Reporting
  • Development Team
  • Our Process

    We are constantly working to utilize the latest SEO optimization techniques. SEO Gazelle is a Search Engine Optimization company that constantly crushes it’s competition. Built on the foundation of White Hat Techniques, Proven On-Site Optimization, and Quality Link Building.
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • On-Site Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Mobile Ready

    Responsive design matched with powerful SEO will keep your company on the top of search engines on any device.

    No Risk Policy

    No long term monthly contracts or commitments. Our SEO services are billed on a month to month basis.

    Organic SEO

    We know the reasons & factors for why our SEO Company out ranks our competition on Google. Quality SEO, All The Time!

    Secured Reports

    We provide active reporting for your campaign, 24/7/365, to track your search engine improvements and keep you informed.

    Success with your SEO Campaign

    By aligning your websites goals with the primary goals of major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) you will find a greater success in your campaign. You should focus on converting your targeted leads while we organically rank your website for continued long term success. We take the basic steps and focus on the key fundamentals when improving our clients rankings. There are many pieces to take into account when evaluating how successful a campaign will be, some include the quality of the source code, the competitiveness of the keyword phrases, main url’s domain age, and items of credibility on the site, to name a few. Increase your search engine visibility by selecting one of our elite SEO Packages ! We are located in sunny Boca Raton, Florida. We always have various ways for you to contact us if you ever need help or just have a certain question that only an SEO Expert could answer. Our top rated search engine optimization company will stick by your side when you get in a rough patch and help your business grow.

    Local SEO Campaign

    Florida SEO Company

    Are you looking for an SEO Company to take your business to the next level, not only for your short term marketing goals but your long term goals as well? SEO Gazelle’s performance based on proven SEO Services that deliver results, and keep them through algorithm updates such as the recent hummingbird overhaul. Making the decision to invest in SEO (search engine optimization) a simple one. Our leading SEO Firm will provide a custom SEO quote, targeting the most relevant and currently converting keywords in your niche market. Our Florida SEO Company is dedicated to achieving the highest rankings for our clients while in most instances our clients reach the top positions we are not able to guarantee page one google rankings.

    Affordable SEO Services

    Now that your site is completed it’s time to drive some traffic to it so that you can make some sales! The best way of driving traffic is to start an aggressive SEO campaign. Our SEO analysts have a deep understanding of how Google’s algorithm works and what it takes to reach page 1 for competitive keywords. Once your campaign is rolling you can sit back and watch your site climb the rankings month after month. When you hire an SEO Company it’s an investment and not an expense. You get out of it what you put into it. The more you invest the higher your return. All of our SEO techniques are “white hat” and abide by Googles Guidelines, ensuring through new updates and algorithms your rankings wont be effected in a negative way.

    Some of our Past and Present Clients

    Onsite Page Optimization Breakdown

    Page Title Optimization – The page title is the main piece of information search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL) show people who are searching online. This piece of your website is referenced frequently while calculating the position of the ranking, often one of the first impressions your website can have in the ranking process. When keywords are used that have relevancy to the content provided on the webpage, you will likely find an increase in the rankings for the given search terms. To ensure your website displays correctly in the search engine keep the Title Optimization amount of characters below 65.
    Meta Tag Optimization – Meta Tags give your potential visitors a brief 155 character description of the information focal point. Having a properly written meta description can capture the eye of the user, and in turn creating a click through to your website. The main meta tags are (meta description, meta keywords, meta robots, meta revisit-after, meta copyright, meta language, meta generator, meta author, meta abstract, meta distribution) When you are setting up and completing the meta information of your specific webpage, keep each meta description short, relevant and original.
    Page Content Optimization – Content is considered one of the hardest steps in the onsite optimization process. When you’re compiling the content about your company, service or organization keep in mind the keyword density, relevance, and association. Make sure your target keywords are not stuffed or written closely in the page, while always surrounding them with relevant information. Search Engine algorithms are ever changing to make sure that the SEO company your using is monitoring the various keyword densities needed to stay within the guidelines.

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    With competition for natural rankings on the rise and the increasing frequency of (not provided) search term data in SEO campaigns, many companies are embracing Pay-Per-Click advertising systems such as AdWords. While it can be easy to get started, developing an effective campaign means making the best possible use of your limited number of characters. So, what are the most important elements of a PPC ad and how do we make the best use of them? Headlines Headlines as the first thing searchers are likely to look at are obviously an important factor: they stand out because they are underlined and if the keyword is present it will be bolded. Including specific high-power phrases in your title can help to make your ad stand out from those above or below you: things like “low prices” or “best deal” will make your ad appear naturally superior to competitors and garner you a higher click-through rate. We are programmed to respond in specific ways to certain words and punctuation marks so use of the word “free” as well as using exclamation points where relevant tend to have a great impact. Content With a limited number of characters to win your potential customers over in, it is important to put a lot of thought and consideration into how you want to phrase your offer or describe your product. In many industries it is more effective to describe the benefits your products or services can provide to your customers rather than simply listing their features. Provide practical ways in which you can solve their problem or improve their life and they will see the value more readily. Differentiate your ad or offer by emphasizing what makes you different from the competition. In traditional marketing you won’t always have your competitors’ ads listed right next to yours but on the Internet they will be there, right above or below your own. It is essential to make your offer stand out from the pack by outlining what about your business can serve their needs more effectively. Reviews If you qualify to include reviews in your PPC ads, be sure to do so. The addition of those little stars will help make your ad stand out from competitors’ and will increase buyer confidence. Positive reviews can often have the effect of making people ignore cheaper prices from companies that appear less reputable so take advantage of your good customer service in the past and display your fantastic rating with pride. Finally, it is always a good idea to include a call-to-action in your ads: Don’t leave them wondering what to do next, tell them to “click here for your free trial” or “contact our experts today” and searchers will respond.

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